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Volunteers in Public Schools

If you plan on being a volunteer and helping out in the classroom or on a field trip, it is mandatory that you become an official volunteer for HISD if you haven’t done so already.  Volunteers in Public Schools or “VIPS” is responsible for doing background checks on all people who wish to volunteer on campus or on field trips or other Condit Events.
  • For new registrations, please visit {}.
  •  Click on “I have never done this before” and establish a login and password.
  • When this is completed, fill out the form you will receive in this week’s Wednesday folder, and attach a copy of your driver’s license. Other forms of ID are any ID card from any state in the US, official Passport, Offical US Military ID, Matriculated Consular, and Resident Alien Card 
  • If you have done this process in a previous year, you only need to write at the top “renewing” and fill out your and your child’s name and attach a copy of your license. Done. That’s it!
  • You may choose to “opt out” if you wish.
  • If you choose to be screened later, please note, it will take two to three weeks to be cleared.
  • Please understand all information you provide will be kept in the strictest confidence.

Please contact your room parent or our VIPS chairperson, {Stephanie Wens}, if you have any questions.

Condit's PTO editor