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Summer Texting Project

“Summer Melt” is the phenomenon that occurs when a graduating senior—who seems to have every intention of going to college in the fall—does not. Something happens; some barrier is encountered that dissuades the student from enrolling.

College Readiness is excited to expand the texting summer project to all HISD high schools. This summer, graduating seniors (Class of 2018) will receive text messages from HISD College Success Advisors starting on June 11th. Student will be able to interact with College Advisors and receive information on the following topics:

  • College and Financial Aid applications
  • Housing
  • Web portal
  • Testing
  • Tuition/Payment Plan
  • Meningitis shot
  • Work Study and more

Text messages will be scheduled twice a week and students have the option to opt-out at any time by simply replying "STOP".

Week 1 Welcome

Your HISD College Advisor will offer help all summer with financial aid/college-related issues. Save this number. To opt-out reply STOP.


On campus housing - Make sure you submit the housing app and deposit before deadlines.  Questions?

Week 2 Web portal

Have you logged onto your college’s web portal for info on financial aid, tuition, orientation, housing and placement tests?  Need help?

  Testing Some colleges require TSI test. Be sure you meet test requirements to avoid delays in registration. Do you know if you’re exempt?
Week 3 Tuition bill/Payment Plan College tuition is due before you start classes. Are you set with grants & financial aid?
  Meningitis shot

Your college will require proof that you are vaccinated against meningitis before you can enroll. Any questions? Yes/No

Week 4 Holiday week

Happy 4th of July week. We will continue our messages next Monday.

Week 5 Work study

If there is work-study in your fin aid award package, you should apply for a work-study job to access that money. Any questions? Yes/No

  Tuition bill / payment plan

Almost time for college. We are proud of you! Checking in: tuition covered?  Call your financial aid office or text me with questions

Week 6 Plans for getting to campus

College will be starting soon. All set for getting to campus?  Yes/No

  Summer conclusion

This is the end of summer texting. HISD is proud of you and wishes you a successful freshman year!