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Returning student registration- info and required documents


Hello once again, returning students!


This is our last big email about registration for returning students, which will take place on Wednesday August 14th.  (New students, this date does not pertain to you, so please watch for info soon from Mr. Klein about Artist Academy August 16th.)


Returning students, please make sure your parent or guardian has accurately completed the form at this link by Sunday August 11th at 5:00 pm. If it has not been accurately completed by the deadline, your registration will be greatly delayed.



In addition to completing the information in the Google form, please notice the attached PDF made up of 6 school documents. These documents must be printed, completely filled out, and signed before the student will be allowed to register.  


When printing these forms, please print single-sided.

  1. Socio-Economic Information  (1 page)
  2. Home Language Survey  (1 page)
  3. Code of Student Conduct  (1 page)
  4. Downtown Houston Field Trip Permission Form and Agreement  (2 pages)
  5. Laptop Loan Agreement or Laptop Opt Out  (1 page)
  6. Privacy Code  (2 pages)


If you have no way to print these forms ahead of time, we will have hard copies available at the school beginning Thursday August 8thIf you arrive at registration without having the forms completed, it will greatly delay your registration.



If the student is unable to attend registration on August 14th, a parent or guardian may register on the student’s behalf.


If no one is able to register the student on August 14th, the student will have to go through the registration process on the first day of school. As long as the student brings all attached documents completed and signed, and as long as the Google form was completed and submitted before the deadline, the parent will not have to be present on the first day of school. There will not be a registration makeup day between August 14th and the beginning of school.



These are the items you need to bring to registration on August 14th, after completing the form at the Google link above:

  • The 6 attached documents, completed and signed
  • Proof of residence showing parent/guardian name and address, such as a page from lease agreement or mortgage, or a current utility bill
  • Student ID
  • Cash or check to purchase ID if ID is lost
  • Cash or check to pay laptop fee of $25, or proof of payment if already paid
  • Cash or check to pay fines/fees if owed (contact Blanca Herrera if you aren’t sure)
  • Combination lock or money to purchase lock from School Store in order to claim locker



Please remember that parking will not be available on registration day. Street and surface lot parking is available, but a tad pricey. Consider MetroRail or Uber, or maybe pay to park and make a day of it in awesome Downtown Houston!


And one more thing… It’s registration; it is not an exact science by any means, and it will probably take a while. Please pack your patience and kindness.


Looking forward to seeing all of you!


Kim Hines


CLICK HERE for Registration required documents August 6 2019