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Hey, Hey PVA! First Day of School Information

August 23, 2019

From: Ms. Hines- Registrar


Hey, guys!


Welcome back to PVA! Students, your teachers and staff are really excited to see you on Monday!


Parents and students, please read carefully:

To those who completed registration on August 14 (returning) or August 16 (new), thank you so much! I hope it wasn't terribly painful, and I do welcome your feedback once things slow down a bit. Since you have registered, you're all set to start school on the first day! Woohoo!!! You'll meet with your Art Area very first thing, and there are signs in the Commons telling you where each Art Area is gathering. Check carefully because the meeting place may not be where you expect... (cue dramatic noise such as 60s soap opera organ music)


For those who didn't get to complete registration on August 14 or 16, you'll report straight to the Recital Hall Monday morning to go through the registration process. We'll be available to start about 7:15, so if you are inclined to arrive early, well, just come on down! (Up, actually. The Recital Hall is up.)  Note: Please bring all required forms printed, completed, and signed; if you do this, your parent does not have to come to school with you.


To those who volunteered at either day of registration, I CANNOT THANK Y'ALL SUFFICIENTLY!!! Please please PLEASE come see me so I can tell you in person how wonderful you are!


If you never completed the form at the Google link, you were probably expecting a new link from me, but time ran out for me to create and send it. That will be remedied after school starts; stay tuned. Those who did complete the Google form, your data should be perfect in our system at this point!


If you did register but still need to pick up your laptop, Mrs. Patel will be set up in the Cafeteria area ready to do business with you Monday morning. For those not yet registered, laptop pickup will be your last stop while registering.




Kim Hines