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January 27, 2020


PVA freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, please take a look at this information for your opportunity to declare a certain number of your current elective courses pass-fail. Red the FAQs carefully, and if you have further questions, see Mrs. Hines.



Who may apply?

  • Students in the classes of 2021, 2022, and 2023 may choose ELECTIVE credits to be converted to pass/fail, thus having no impact on GPA.


When do we do this?

  • A student must request the pass/fail waiver for the course before the deadline at the beginning of the semester during which the course is taken.
  • For Spring 2020, that deadline is Sunday February 23rd at 11:59pm. The link to a Google doc will be emailed to parents through School Messenger and posted on the HSPVA website. Be wise, and do not wait until the last day to make the request.
  • Here is the link for the request:CLICK HERE


What classes are eligible?

  • Any course not required for FHSP-DLA graduation is considered an elective, including any Art class beyond 1 credit, any Career-Tech class, and any Academic class not required for graduation, such as 3rd credit Spanish or French, 5th Science, 5th Math, or 5th Social Studies. 
  • If you have a question about whether your class is P/F-qualified, see your counselor or Mrs. Hines.


What’s the point of this waiver and how can it help me?

  • Very high GPAs, especially those well over 4.0, are lowered by earning an A in a non-Honors class. With this waiver, non-Honors A grades worth 4 points and non-Honors B (85 or higher) grades worth 3 points can be waived and therefore NOT averaged into the GPA.
  • Before requesting the P/F waiver, consider carefully whether excluding a 4-point class will help or harm your GPA. All underclassmen, your current GPA will appear on transcripts you will receive from Art Areas by January 31st .



  • According to policy, the pass/fail status applies only if a numerical average of 85 is earned for the semester (including midterm or final exam grade); otherwise the pass/fail status is void and the grade will stand.
  • The form should be filled out only once, correctly and thoroughly, by the student. Conflicting requests from parents may cause a request not to be honored. Please follow instructions carefully.
  • Once requested, the pass/fail request cannot be retracted. Choose carefully!
  • Each student may receive up to 4 half-credit pass/fail waivers throughout high school. They may be used for any semester. The most advantage is gained if they are used by the last semester of the junior year.
  • If all requirements are met as specified in the overview and instructions, your Pass/Fail status will be applied some time after the academic year ends, in this case during summer or early fall 2020.