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A Message from the Kinder HSPVA PTO!

September 14, 2020

Greetings from the Kinder HSPVA PTO Executive Board! Now that we have the 1st week under our belts, we can take a collective deep breath and look ahead with a little taste of what the next month will bring. We get to ask ourselves if we simply want to manage/exist, or if we can take the cards that have been dealt and make something memorable (dare I suggest, remarkable?) out of it. Being that we’ve always only got what’s right in front of us, this moment seems like a perfect opportunity to practice that ingenuity and resiliency we learn from our kids.


For those new to HSPVA, secure your footing. For those who have been here a bit, you know that in many respects this year will be no different than any other. We will move through, full speed ahead, and before we know it the year will end. We aren’t big on easing into things, as there’s simply no time for that. But we are big on taking our time to relish the art, watch the dance, listen to the music, immerse in the theatre, read the poems, and connect as artists and art supporters do. We invite you to make time actively and consciously for all things “art.” In fact, if we can embrace the concept of Life As Art we may even find the beauty in watching our students navigate their academic classes online, get creative with note taking and homework solutions, advocate for themselves when things get challenging, and watch them reconnect with friends through their new online platform. There is a lot of great stuff happening, and we do not want to miss it.


I will be sending an email soon with information about the PTO, including our projected spending this year and details about how you can make your contribution for 2020-2021. Remember: you do not need to join the PTO as you are already a member. However, please be sure to take the first step of creating your account and updating your membership preferences here: 


Looking ahead to a memorable remarkable year!


Don’t blink,


Georgia Lister