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Koffee House postponed

An important message from the leaders of 2021-2022 Koffee House:


Dear HSPVA student body, parents, and associates,


The spirit of Koffee House has always been one that is lively, unifying, and inspirational. After extensive discussion and thorough consideration, we, as the student Koffee House leaders  have had to make a very difficult decision regarding the show. Due to the uprising spread of Covid, the focus of upcoming first semester midterms, and the scheduling conflicts from our Black History Production which a majority of our leaders are involved in, we have ultimately decided that Koffee House will be postponed to later in the spring semester in order to preserve the true spirit of the show. We present this news to you with heavy hearts. However, student safety must be our top priority, as is presenting a quality, well-rehearsed show. Koffee House’s purpose is to bring the HSPVA community together to celebrate Black history and Black culture. We do not want this celebration to be rushed, tainted, or unsafe. Our intention is not to push back the show, rather to contain the integrity and caliber of it.


Be on the lookout for more updates, because Koffee House will occur, and it will deliver! We want to give you and our tributes the show we deserve.

koffee house