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Costa Rica 2023 - Sea Turtle Ecology

Welcome to Costa Rica - Sea Turtle Ecology!  Study an ancient reptile with a 100-million-year history. Protect critical ecosystems. Walk beneath lush rainforest canopies and learn about the immense biodiversity of tropical flora and fauna. On EPI's Sea Turtle Ecology Program, you'll share ideas and experiences with local Costa Rican students and work side by side with researchers endeavoring to protect the leatherback sea turtle.

Space is limited so please sign up early!  If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Ms. Saunders for more information!

For more information check out the following link - HSPVA Costa Rica 2023  where you can enroll for the course and sign up for updates.

INTEREST MEETING - Tuesday 5/3 at 6:30 PM in Room 343 and virtually through Teams (LINK HERE)

Basic Information:

Ecology Project International (EPI) is a conservation and education organization that specializes in working with students and teachers to increase understanding of conservation efforts in local communities and participation in valuable scientific research.  They work in partnership with research communities for students to gain firsthand knowledge and experience in gathering scientific data in the field.  Students will also participate in their own research and receive guidance in forming a testable research question, gathering data, interpreting data, and presenting their findings in the field.  Community outreach and service are part of each program and EPI works with local communities to expose students to local traditions and people through meaningful work within the community.