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THANK YOU Longfellow PTA!

Longfellow PTA (From left to right) Mrs. De La Cerda, Ms. Lee, and Mrs. Evans 

Written by 5th grader, Kaylyn Newcomb

The PTA for Longfellow Elementary is probably the best! They have provided things such as, uniforms, rugs, school supplies, tables, and also have organized many events for the school. So, on February 12th, the Synergy Assembly team, band, and dance did a performance for the PTA! The Dance team started off with a spectacular routine of ‘Be Our Guest,’ then moved on to an amazing performance, yet again! Afterwards, the Synergy Assembly team showed a sign of appreciation by giving Ms. Lee, Mrs. Evans, and Mrs. De La Cerda a gift from our school to them! Band also played an astounding performance which was awesome! They did another splendid job of playing Seven Nation Army to celebrate our counselor, Mr. Spiller. Awesome job, leaders!

Our school also hopes that if you haven’t joined the PTA yet, that you join! Not only will you be helping our school with supplies and different classroom materials, but you will also be greatly impacting the students as well. Plus, knowing that you’ve done something for the school will also be an amazing feeling! I hope that you find it in your heart to join and help our school!

Here is where you can join: If you would like to pay by check or cash, you can use the membership envelope outside the PTA office and drop it in the PTA dropbox.