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Soccer Superstars!

Update - April 2, 2019

Written by: Ivette Valadez
Edited by: Kaylyn Newcomb

This week, the Longfellow soccer team was at it again! For the first game, the ball went flying in the net thanks to Rashaun with the best kick ever! It was Longfellow vs the purple team. We lost that game! We’d come out with three to one, but it was a win-win. We both had a good time and they scored and we scored. By the second game, which was against the gray team made up of older girls, we scored two goals thanks to Rashaun and Moses. Mrs. Garner was very proud of us! The games were very AWESOME!

For the first game, the score was 3 to 1, Purple Team.
For the second game, the score was 2 to 0, Longfellow.

Update - March 4, 2019

Written by Crespin De La Cerda

Soccer Superstars! When the game was about to start we had to send some of our teammates to the other team because they didn’t have enough players. In the first half Coach Garner sent out Moses, Crespin{me}, and Ashleigh to play defense and Moses was the goalie.She also sent out Julian, Evette, Aden, and Constantine to go forward. Moses was doing some pretty good saves and kicks, while Crespin was doing all he could to keep the ball from getting too close to the goal and was stealing it if he could to kick it towards a player or the other teams goal. In the second half the other team scored two points and that’s how they managed to win with a score of 0-2. Even though we lost, we had good sportsmanship! Great job soccer players!