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Clinic Information

Clinic Information

Hello Longfellow Family,

My name is Holly Henderson. I have been a nurse for many years. I am honored to be your school nurse and I appreciate the opportunity to assist in maintaining a healthy environment for all those who walk through our doors.

The clinic can get very busy at times, which makes it difficult to call all parents regarding every clinic visit. I do call parents for medical emergencies, or conditions that require a student to go home. Students who are assessed and deemed medically stable will be sent back to class.

There is important information below for students who need immunizations, medications, or procedures while at school.

Also, please email me if your student has any medical conditions or food allergies that the school needs to be aware of. I am the contact person who you should inform for anything medically related.

I am always available to answer any questions or concerns.

Thank you,

Holly Henderson RN, BSN

Medication Administration:

    • Parent/guardian must bring completed HISD doctor order forms, signed by both the parent/guardian and the physician for each medication/procedure.
    • Each medication needs a separate form.
    • All medications must be in their original container and have a pharmacy label. This includes prescriptions and all over the counter meds.
    • The pharmacy label must match the doctor’s exact order (name, dosage, frequency…)
    • Medication MUST be delivered to the school nurse by the parent/guardian.
    • Students are not allowed to self-carry any medication without a doctor’s order and school nurse's approval.
    • Medications are typically given between 9am-2pm. Medications that can be given at home should be given before or after school. These usually include medications prescribed to be given once, twice or three times a day.
    • As needed, medications for life-threatening health conditions, such as Epi-Pen, Benadryl, Asthma Inhaler, Seizure Emergency Meds should be provided to the clinic with doctor’s orders as soon as possible.


  • *** New doctor orders and medications are required every school year.
  • ***Parents must pick up medications at the end of the year. Those not picked up will be disposed of.

If your student has a medical procedure that needs be done daily at school, please contact nurse for further instructions.


Please keep me informed if your student's medical status ever changes (new medication started, medication discontinued, new medical condition or condition resolved, etc…)

Physician Order Forms and Immunization Information: Medications and procedures needed at school, and State Mandated immunization requirements.