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Political Science II Podcast Competition

 The Competition

Groups of students in the HSLJ Political Science II classes created their own political podcasts to enter into the competition. The goal was to create a podcast about some aspect of political science that educates and informs the listener. One podcast from each class was chosen by vote to represent the class in the final round of the competition. Each of the three finalist's podcasts were listened to by a panel of five judges consisting of two outside community members, one school administrator, and two teachers. The final results of the competition are detailed below. Congratulations to the finalists and all of the students who participated and created excellent political science podcasts!
 First Place: Principles and Policies
 Melanie, Destiny, Reynaldo, and Rudy created a podcast about school policy and answers questions about why principals make the decisions they do when it comes to school policy.
Second Place: Hidden History of Dress Code
Monica, Aaron, Kayla, and Jasmine (not pictured) created a podcast on the history of school dress code policy and gathered different perspectives on the reasons for having dress codes.
Third Place: Drop Your Weapons
 Nicholas, Leticia, Jayla, Isabella, Rubi created a podcast about gun control and examined different opinions and viewpoints on who should have guns.