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Notebook Tips!


Wondering how to get that elusive "100" on the notebook checks??! It's not enough just to copy text and vocab from the textbook. Here's ideas on what "impressive" and "in-depth" would include:

Impressive - I'm looking for outside connections to the material you are reading! For example: if you've ever put a flower or a stalk of celery into colored water, you've seen adhesion and cohesion (properties of water) because the flower or leaves changed color. Your notebook should show a little side message or somehow make that connection, usually in the section where you describe these processes. Something like "just like the celery stick in 7th grade!" or even a drawing of the flower in a vase of colored water and little water molecules moving up the stalk. These kind of connections are impressive to me :)

In-depth thought and effort - In addition to diagrams and sketches, re-wording the textbook notes in your own words and really organizing the notes to suite YOUR learning style is in-depth.

  • Visual learner? Try color-coding and using sketches or flow charts in addition to the notes.
  • Kinesthetic learner? Try lots of foldables or moveable parts to your notebooks.
  • Auditory? good luck...just kidding! How about re-arranging the textbook notes into a conversation style or musical flow? Try to re-word the notes into something you "hear" in your head as you read. 

Unit Summaries – Arrange your summaries by chunking! Give me a 2:3 chunk (at least) that describes the unit.