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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the Your Voice survey?
A.Your Voice is a roughly 40-question survey developed by an outside firm for use in the Houston Independent School District. The survey is designed to understand participant perceptions on safety, rigor and consistency of education. Your Voice should take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete.
Q. Who will participate? How many people will be surveyed?
A. The census-styled survey will be available to all parents, all students grades 3-12, all teachers, all principals and community members. It will be conducted in English, Spanish and Vietnamese. It is estimated that over 163,000 people will be surveyed.
Q. Why are we doing this survey?
A. HISD hopes to gather information on how we’ve progressed toward district goals, better understand the needs of our schools and foster a culture of community engagement that could help guide future initiatives.
Q. Will my answers be confidential? How will HISD ensure my privacy?
A. Respondent’s answers will be completely confidential. To ensure your privacy, Houston ISD has hired an outside global market research firm, RDA Group, to handle the creation, distribution and computation of results of the survey. As an added measure of security, participants who will be submitting paper surveys are instructed to mail survey answers directly to RDA (not the district).
Q. How long will the survey take?
A. The survey consists of approximately 40 questions, equal to approximately 10-15 minutes.
Q. How will the answers be used?
A. Feedback collected will be used to identify both strengths and areas requiring improvement for many aspects of our school and district experience. All participants will remain anonymous and their feedback confidential. A third party vendor has been retained to collect and process all data. They are bound by law to protect the confidentiality of all data collected.
Q. I received a paper survey. May I complete the survey online instead?
A. Parents and students may fill out the survey on paper or online. To fill out the survey online, go to and click Take Me to the Survey. Once on the RDA survey website,  select “I do not have a Login ID” or “No tengo una clave para ingresar,”. You will be prompted to select your child’s school and grade, and to enter your child’s student ID number. Schools should be prepared to provide the student ID number to parents requesting it and, where possible, provide a computer at school for parents to take the survey online. (Note: If the student ID produces an error message, that student ID is not eligible for this survey.)
Note:The logins are unique and will be used to prevent survey duplication. They will NOT be used to identify individuals. 
Q. I received more than one survey. Why?

A. Parents could potentially receive more than one survey for several reasons.

  • You have multiple children in different grade levels within HISD
  • You have multiple children at different schools within HISD
Q. When is the survey conducted?
A. For parents/teachers/principals/community, the survey period begins on May 1 and ends on May 30, 2015. Parent surveys will be processed through May 30.  For students, the survey period will begin on May 11 and end on May 30, 2015.
Q. I am a Parent and I would like to return the completed paper surveys to be processed. What should I do?
A. Parents may complete the survey online (HISD website/Your Voice page), or they may complete the paper survey and return it in the postage-paid, pre-addressed (to RDA) envelope that came in their survey envelope. Please DO NOT return the survey to the school.
Q. Where will schools send their completed surveys? To HISD? (For schools only)
A. Please do NOT send completed surveys to HISD. You should have received a pre-addressed Fedex return slip. All results will be sent back to RDA Group.
Q. I have misplaced my login ID. Is it possible to get a replacement ID so that I may take the survey?
A. A. Yes. If you have misplaced your assigned login ID, you will be able to access the survey using your child’s student ID number or,if you are an HISD employee, your employee number. Just click to begin the survey and you should see a prompt for lost/misplaced login IDs. Your participation and survey responses will be completely confidential and anonymous. Your student or employee ID number will be used by RDA ONLY to validate you are part of Houston Independent School District and to prevent survey duplication.
Q. Who can I call if I need help?
A. For questions regarding the survey, please contact the HISD Information Center at 713-556-6000.
Q. How will the results be disseminated?
A. At the district level, results will be reported annually as part of the Board Monitoring System (i.e. the district “scorecard”). Schools will also receive an annual overall report. Results will be available online with the ability to compare schools to each other as well as the district average. For privacy protection, if there are less than five respondents, no information will be displayed.