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Wraparound Services Coordinator Tends to Needs Outside of Classroom

No two days are alike for Wagma Isaqzoy. One day she might be distributing warm clothes to families during a cold snap, while another will find her partnering with a nonprofit to host a healing arts workshop for students. As a wraparound services coordinator at Wisdom High School, she helps students who speak over 40 different languages and hail from all over the world navigate life in a new country. But don’t let her calming voice fool you. The self-proclaimed “newcomer” advocate, who moved to the U.S. only three years ago, is passionate about her work. Isaqzoy says most of Wisdom’s students struggle not with schoolwork but with needs outside the classroom: housing, food, and healthcare, as well as self-esteem and trust issues. Isaqzoy is part of HISD’s Every Community Every School initiative, which has taken root at more than 40 schools to address the non-academic challenges that hinder a student’s ability to learn. No matter what her days look like, Isaqzoy knows her mission: ensure that students can leave their worries outside of the classroom.