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Camp Gladiator exclusive offer for HISD through June 22

camp gladiator
If you answered YES to any of the above, you are in luck. HISD is partnering with Camp Gladiator to try a new fitness routine, with absolutely no commitment past June 22. You can sign up now and start today! We are designed for all ages and ability levels, so anyone can participate. That means even your friends and family can use the code below to register at this low price. See below for details.

What does it cost?

• Only $49 for all HISD employees, their family, as well as any of their friends in the Houston Area
This is normally $99, but Camp Gladiator wanted to offer a deeper discount as a thank you to all the Educators and Educational Support Teams here at HISD.


What is included:

 Unlimited workouts at any, and all, of our locations with Certified Trainers (over 750+ locations/times in HOU)
  Each Camper is assigned a Certified Trainer to work with them and their individual goals.
 Inbody Scan ($100 value) twice, once in early to mid-May, and again at the end of June to see your progress
 Nutritional content
 Free CG t-shirt for signing up
 Free t-shirt if you complete at least one of the Inbody tests and check in at our workouts at least 12 times


What Camp Gladiator will provide?

Camp Gladiator will be at the Hattie Mae White Educational Center performing Inbody Scans on May 20th.
Multiple locations and times for Inbody Scans will also be offered throughout the Greater Houston Area
 Inbody Scans take approximately 90 seconds to perform and can be done in your work attire

How to Register:

1. Go to and click “sign up” for the Houston Total Transformation Package
2. Enter your zip code to find a location near you
3. Create an account
4. Select the trainer name from the drop down: Shamus Donahoe (HISD’s Camp Gladiator representative)
5. Enter the Promo/Discount Code: TABLE49
Enter the Referral Number: 4382438282


If you have any issues registering, please email our Customer Representatives at