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Coping with traumatic events

worried woman

There are many things one can do to cope with traumatic events like the massive explosion that occurred recently in west Houston. The first is to understand which reactions and symptoms are perfectly normal. It also helps to keep to one’s usual routine (if possible), turn to friends and family for support, and recognize the need for help by a trained specialist.


Remember that your HISD Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is there when needed, and there is no charge for reaching out to them.


Please see this Guidance Resources® PDF for extensive resources that will help you deal with tragic events. Included in the brochure are:

  • What to do when tragedy strikes at work
  • Supporting a survivor of violent trauma
  • Helping children cope with violence and disaster
  • Responding to a crisis at school
  • And much more!

EAP Guidance Resources: there when you need them.

Call:  833-812-5181

TDD: 800-697-0353


App: Guidance Resources® Now