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Launch ORBIT (Alumni)

Transition Program Components

Component 1


·         (x) % of student will participate in a summer bridge program [university, community partner, or internal HISD program).

·         (x) % of students who enrolled the semester after graduation are still enrolled.

·         (x) % shifted from a previous mindsets and college attitudes due to internal programming.

Component 2

Launch Freshman Year Support


·         (%) increase in students with a 2.5 GPA.

·         (%) increase yield at local and regional university (where advisors are stationed).

·         (%) increase in students who have completed preliminary enrollment tasks prior to graduation


Component 3

Launch Summer Melt

Component 4

Bridge and First-Generation Programs

·         (%) increase in Year 1 to Year 2 persistence at community colleges and universities to which advisors are assigned.

·         (%) increase in alumni who are engaged with an advisor once per semester.

·         (%) increase in alumni who are engaged in an on-campus student support program.

Launch HISD incorporates four key initiatives to facilitate the above program components:

  1. Launch Transition Support
  2. Launch Freshman Year Support
  3. Launch Summer Melt
  4. Bridge and First-Generation Programs

 Contact information:  Michael Koch
                                  Senior Manager, College Readiness