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Elmore's push for literacy!

Great things are happening this school year at Elmore Elementary, including teachers and students becoming actively engaged in a competition like none other. The pictures below are of an intense competition between the students and the teachers. It is the race to finish the "Literacy Caterpillar"! Even though, B.C. Elmore has recently met State Standard, the teachers on campus are excited now more than ever to maintain that growth and push the scholars even further.  The 4th grade students are encourage to Read, Read, Read while beating their teachers to fill in this caterpillar that graces the entire Blue Pod wall.  The race is on so please stay tuned for the updates as the year progresses!                                                 Student's Literacy Caterpillar KidsCap TeacherCap Report  
Photo Courtesy of Ms. Cerda, 4th Grade Historian