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Important information for special populations

Gifted and Talented

Families of Gifted and Talented (GT) scholars will continue to be supported by Gifted and Talented teachers on campus. Gifted Education Plans will be implemented at the campus level for the academic success of each GT student. For more information, please visit


The Interventions Office offers supports for students through Response to Intervention (RTI), Intervention Assistance Team (IAT), Dyslexia Services and Section 504. In accordance with state law, parents who have students receiving RTI interventions for either academics or behavior will receive the following communication: Parent Letter for Intervention and a Designated Supports Parent Letter. Students receiving Dyslexia Services support or Section 504 services will receive their annual invitation to attend a Section 504 meeting and receive progress monitoring updates throughout the school year. To learn more about our services, please visit

Special Education

The Office of Special Education Services
(OSES) will continue to expand its Child Find and evaluation efforts to ensure that struggling learners are located, identified, and evaluated within timelines as outlined by federal law. We encourage our families to partner with campuses and the district to ensure high-quality supports are in place for the coordination of special education services. For more information, please visit


Multilingual Programs supports the educational needs of English learners by providing research-based instructional practices that address the cognitive, linguistic, and affective needs of students for post-secondary success. The families of our English learners are encouraged to visit our parent resource page at, which includes a quarterly newsletter in 10 different languages and resources for families. Additional resources are available at the Texas Education Agency’s Parents and Families website at