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Welcome back!

Hello HISD Friends & Family,

We are, once again, preparing to welcome our students back into our classrooms, and we look forward to the start of a safe and prosperous 2022 -2023 school year.

Last year, we went directly to our families and stakeholders to gather feedback on the direction of our district. You came out and voiced your hopes and concerns as we navigated one of the most challenging times in recent history. Our goal to lead HISD into the future was realized in the form of six bold and innovative pillars of success resulting in a strategic plan that was developed by all of us, together.

We are committed to ensuring that all HISD students reach their full potential and make families proud to call HISD their destination for an exceptional educational experience.  Our vision can only be realized by a continuous commitment to:

  • Remain honest, transparent, and reliable in order to build and strengthen relationships with our stakeholders including our students and parents
  • Ensure every school provides a quality student core experience that supports the development of the
    whole child
  • Accelerate student performance through bold, innovative, and effective actions at persistently
    under-performing schools and expanding access to quality choice options for students
  • Make HISD a great place to retain and recruit world-class talent to do the important work and provide opportunities for our students to grow
  • Provide every student a consistent academic experience, regardless of the school they attend
  • Provide best-in-class services that increase achievement for students with exceptional needs

As your Superintendent for the last year, it has become increasingly clear to me that our parents are more present and committed to academic excellence than ever before and we look to keep that momentum going.  Together, we can continue to inspire and develop future leaders of Houston and the world at large.

Having had the opportunity to spend the last year watching our students persevere and exceed despite every challenge they have faced renews my commitment to do what is necessary for our long-term success. As we look ahead to this year’s challenges, successes, and progress, let’s not forget how much we have accomplished thanks to our shared engagement, discussion and understanding.

I look forward to seeing our young leaders heading back to our schools this fall and laying the groundwork for their academic success.