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No Joke

HISD and local law enforcement have an important message for students who may make threats or joke about threats in the wake of the Parkland, Fla., school shootings: It’s a crime.

Do not joke around with any kind of threat, as HISD takes all threats extremely seriously and will follow up. It’s a crime to make a threat against a school or a school population.

Administrators called students a school’s “first line of defense” and urged anyone who “sees something, says something,” and report concerns to an adult.

HISD is reviewing its emergency response plan and working with local law enforcement in Houston to make sure schools are safe. Campuses will be practicing various safety drills over the coming weeks.


DON’T joke about threats to schools or people or make statements that can be construed as threats n social media or anywhere else. It is a crime and considered a terrorist threat, and you will be investigated and charged with a crime.

DO speak up if you see or hear of anything suspicious or threatening. Tell an adult your concerns or report to local law enforcement. 

DO tell your teacher, parent, or school counselor if you are experiencing emotional trauma in the wake of the Parkland shootings. There are resources to help you.