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What's Holding up Your Money for College?

Thousands of HISD students who submit the FAFSA are selected for “Verification” (and many students are not even aware that THEY HAVE BEEN SELECTED)!

The first thing you should do is check your Student Aid Report (SAR). It will indicate whether or not you have been selected. The SAR is available about three days after you submit your FAFSA, and you can access it online at

If selected for verification, you will see an asterisk (*) next to the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) on page 1. In addition, there will be a line in the Comments About Your Information section explaining that you have been selected.

After checking your SAR, check your student portal for each college. This will tell you exactly what paperwork must be submitted.

Remember, if you do not complete the verification process, the college cannot prepare your financial aid package, which results in a loss of federal, state, and institutional grants and loans.

Of those who are selected, about one in four will not do what is required to get their FREE money for college.

What is FAFSA verification?

  • FAFSA verification is an audit-like process used by the Federal government to confirm that the financial information a student submits on their FAFSA is complete and accurate.
  • When the Federal government flags a student for verification, colleges/universities will then ask that additional documents be turned in to verify student financial information.
    • Because colleges/universities are responsible for overseeing the process, there is no standardized procedure—each college has its own paperwork and process.
    • If a student is selected for verification, they must complete the different processes at each college/university. This means that students will have to submit verification documents multiple times in multiple ways (i.e. a school’s student portal, an email exchange, mailing in documents, etc).

WHAT should I do if I am selected for verification?

  • Contact your college advisor or the college’s financial aid office for help.
  • See this PDF for complete instructions on what to do next.

Be patient, and don’t give up! Don’t lose your chance to get FREE money for college.