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How to balance school with extracurricular activities and a social life

How to balance school with extracurricular activities and a social life

By Kennedy Garrett

#1 Quality over quantity!

Make sure you’re passionate about the extracurriculars you join. Getting involved in a ton of clubs or sports just to build a resume is draining and not worth it in the end. It’s not about how many activities you join, it’s about how strong your commitment is to each of them. That is what colleges appreciate. 

You may be involved in many activities because you have different interests. But if at any point you feel overwhelmed, and the stress outweighs the fun, figure out what to let go. It’s okay to decide you no longer have space for something in your life. 

#2 Prioritize fun, too!

Designate certain days and/or times to socialize. If you don’t make time for yourself, who will? Make sure you prioritize fun and rest just as much as work. All are important to your overall well-being. Taking time to do what you enjoy may even help with the quality of work you produce. A rested mind is a productive mind.

#3 Beware of mixing the three!

You may tempted to study and hang out with friends at the same time. Or you may have tried to attend a club meeting while finishing up an assignment that is due next period. While that may work sometimes, it may be best to choose work, clubs, or friends exclusively. 

Staying on task for school without distractions from the clubs, sports, or friends guarantees a better use of your time. This means you will focus on getting the work done, so you have enough time to enjoy other activities. Know when it is time for work and time for play. Learning time management is a lifelong lesson, so get a head start while you are young!