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Student Spotlight

By Kennedy Garrett

Onyeka “Onyi” Agwuegbo is making strides in the world of technology. An alumnus of HISD, Agwuegbo is a class of 2019 graduate from the University of Texas at Dallas with a bachelor’s degree in software engineering.

HISD has supported Agwuegbo throughout the course of his educational journey. He was a student at Gross Elementary School, Lanier Middle School, and Westside High School. In addition to being a product of HISD schools, Agwuegbo interned with the College Readiness Department in 2018, as part of the HISD Summer Student Leadership Program. This opportunity provided Agwuegbo with a better understanding of what happens on the administrative side of the district. In fact, when Naviance underwent a graphical overhaul last summer, Agwuegbo scripted, edited, and produced new “how-to” videos for parents, students, and staff.

While with HISD, he was also part of the EMERGE program. “The EMERGE program is where I got most of my information about college admissions,” Agwuegbo said. “Program managers were a tremendous help to me throughout the entire process, from helping me refine my personal statement to just being there to talk about the scary transition from high school to college.”

EMERGE Director Sara Llansa witnessed Agwuegbo’s growth in the program. “There was never a doubt in my mind that he would get a position in the field of engineering or computer science,” Llansa said. “His passion was palpable.” 

Agwuegbo’s success did not come without challenges. One of his biggest struggles was with his confidence. After experiencing years of bullying in school, Agwuegbo began the process of discovering himself. “I began to find the value and worth in myself, which gave me the confidence I needed to face the rest of my life head-on.”

Upon graduation from the University of Texas at Dallas, Agwuegbo secured a position as a quality engineer at Brierley + Partners, a marketing company headquartered in Dallas, where he is utilizing his programming and graphic design skills.