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International exchange and networking opportunity

One of HISD Abroad’s main goals is to expand the international networks of HISD students by providing dynamic opportunities for them to engage with their peers around the world. We have partnered with AFS-USA to help them do just that. 

This opportunity is a chance for many HISD high school students to engage in conversation and dialogue sessions with other high school students from around the world (countries listed below) each month from January 2021 through May 2021. AFS-USA staff will set up and lead sessions to allow them and their global peers to learn more about one another’s countries and cultures in a relaxed and engaging virtual environment.

Virtual peer requirements include:

  • Must be between the ages of 15-19
  • Must sign a Media Consent & Release form (or have parental permission if under 18)
  • Must participate in a virtual orientation to understand the guidelines for interactions, online safety protocols, code of conduct, who to contact with concerns, and the general goals and details of the exchange program(s)
  • Must participate in at least one virtual exchange session per month (1 hour each) with the virtual exchange peers via Zoom
  • Must complete a monthly survey online to share feedback and comments

Interested? Sign up to participate in this international exchange and networking opportunity HERE.

The students in this virtual exchange are from the following countries: Albania, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Egypt, Georgia, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Kenya, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Mali, Moldova, Mozambique, North Macedonia, Pakistan, Poland, Romania, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Thailand, Turkey, and Ukraine.

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