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Message from the Counselor

Hello Lanier Family-

We all know that these are very uncertain times, and uncertainty can breed anxiety.  We also have many students who are susceptible to stress and anxiety disorders.  Please know that I'm here for any of the students and families who might be struggling in any way.  Though we will be working remotely, I can still connect with students and parents over the phone or through email.  If your student, or you as a parent, are stressed or anxious and need some support please email me at  We can schedule a time to talk.  As these weeks move on I will also be posting some articles and resources with the purpose of helping youth deal with the uncertainty as well as how to cope with being so confined for so long.  This much togetherness can be difficult for even the most congenial families.  

Some tips that might help:

  • Try to structure your child's time.  Creating a schedule that includes school time, recreational and family time is important.  Everyone can participate in making the schedule and it should be reviewed weekly to make sure it is balanced and effective.
  • Bed time and waking time should also be scheduled and as usual as possible.  
  • Use this time to grow rather then being stagnant.  We are basically trapped at home which means not having the normal distractions.  Young people will be tempted to spend their time watching YouTube videos or mindlessly playing online games for hours.  Help your child identify something they would like to learn: guitar, painting, yoga, writing, knitting... and than dedicate time to researching and learning that skill.  What a great way to remember the great quarantine of 2020!
  • Give each other space, but also remain connected.  Everyone needs some alone time and that should be respected.  But some will try and totally isolate.  That disconnect can be dangerous and you might not be aware of what your child is thinking or going through.  Plan for time together around meals, or occasional game nights.  

We at Lanier are trying to communicate and provide as much information as possible.  Please reach out if there is a need or idea we can help with.  Together we will all get through this challenge.


Kind regards,

Dan Maluski, LMSW