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The Purple Pup Parent and Student Resource Guide

Dear Purple Pup Students and Parents,

The 2020 – 2021 school year will be here before we know it. After all, September 8th, the first day of school, is a little more than 3 weeks away. These next 3 weeks will fly by, so it is important that we get prepared in every way for the new year. To our returning 7th and 8th grade students, welcome back! It will be great to see you again. To our incoming 6th graders, welcome to the Lanier team and family. You have joined one of the finest middle schools in the state of Texas.

The odious Coronavirus has changed my way of life more than any event in my 54-year history on this planet. And 2nd place on this list is not even close. This cruel and relentless virus has impacted every single domain of my life: family, friends, work, home, hobbies, travel, etc. Nothing has escaped its clutches. I have no doubt that your experience has been the same. It has changed EVERYTHING. 

Yet in spite of our remaining immersed in this pestilence, I am hopeful and optimistic about the 2020 – 2021 school year, primarily because of the amazing students, teachers, administrators, and parents who call Lanier their school home. Our students at Lanier are like no other I have encountered anywhere else. We have an amazingly supportive PTO, and parents who are genuinely engaged in their child’s learning. I know this: there is no school community I would rather face this challenge with than the Lanier Middle School community. This virus has robbed us of so many things, but we will not let it rob us of the quality academic education you have come to expect from our school, nor will we let it extinguish the important social and emotional learning that help define the Lanier experience. 

I will be sending out Reconnect Safely, Return Strong: The Purple Pup Student and Parent Resource Guide.  The guide is 49 pages long, so I will be sending it out serially in 4 installments.  This guide is based on the HISD Instructional Continuity Plan, as required, and it will be our guide as we head into the 2020 – 2021 school year. This guide has been vetted and approved by HISD’s Northwest Area Office. As a resource document, please file it electronically in a location that is convenient to reach. As you will see over the coming days, the information contained therein is extremely valuable, and you will likely find yourselves referring back to it. We will also post it in various locations for your convenience.  


It is important for all of us to understand that the expectations that both TEA and the HISD Board of Trustees have for students, teachers, parents, and administrators have increased dramatically. Grades count from the first day of school. Attendance counts from the 2nd day of school. The STAAR will be administered this year. All grading cycles will count. As the kids might say, “They ain’t playin’.” Please keep this in mind as you read through this guiding document.

Click the link below to access The Purple Pup Student and Parent Resource Guide.

Purple Pup Parent and Student Resource Guide