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Please Complete your Student Information Forms

Please log in to your HISD Parent Portal Account to complete the following required forms.  Below is a guidance document if you have questions.

HISD Connect Parent Portal

Forms to complete:

  • Social Economic Information Form - It is very important that families complete the Socioeconomic Form so that schools can receive Title I and State Compensatory Education funding. This funding will directly impact our campus and our students. Title I and State Compensatory Education funding can be used to hire personnel, provide tutoring services, order technology, and provide professional development for teachers. We understand that there are families who do not qualify or do not wish to complete the form; however, a submitted form is required for each student. If you do not wish to apply, please fill in the information you are comfortable with and complete section D (see end of this document).  Contact your grade level administrator if you have questions about completing this very important document.
  • Family Survey
  • Military Connected Family Survey
  • Privacy Code: Student Records, Rights and Responsibilities
  • Student Assistance Questionnaire
  • Student Contacts – This information will be used to make sure that all contact information is accurate and that parents receive communications from the school and district.
  • Student Change of Address (if needed)  

Guidance for Student Information Form Submission