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Important Reopening Information

Link to the Recording of the October 15th Reopening Live Event

Link to the Recording of the Reopening Student Expectation Assembly

Link to the Recording of the October 8th Reopening Live Event

Reopening Live Event PowerPoint


Hello Lanier Family members,

We hope this finds you well! As we begin our return to the face to face model on October 19th, 2020 we want to ensure that we are providing you with as much communication as possible. As the Lanier leadership team, we have begun disseminating information via three main platforms. We want to ensure that you are made aware of all of our communication methods that we have and will continue to be utilizing and we encourage you to check them regularly.

They include:

  1. Our website:
    • Try to make it a part of your routine to check our website on a daily basis.
    • On the homepage you can find:
      • The Campus Calendar
      • Staff Directory
      • News Headlines
  1. School Messenger
    • These call outs will come from Mr. Wheat.
    • They are sent to the phone number we have in our database.
    • If you are still not receiving these call outs please send your information to our registrar, Ms. Bobb at
  2. Student HISD Emails
    • All HISD students have access to an email and we have found that this is the most reliable distribution list we have.
    • You should be checking your HISD student email every day.
    • Please see the attachment that details instructions with how to access your email.

Reopening Updates

  • As of today, the approximate percentages of students who will be returning face to face is 45% and virtually will be 55%.
  • We are continuing to work on the logistics of the reopening plan as it pertains to our schedule, our safety protocols, and class configurations.
  • We will be abiding by all standards set forth by the HISD communicable disease plan and recommendations from the CDC.
  • In an effort to provide more information we are creating the following videos:
    • Videos on student safety protocols
    • Videos on face to face instructional practices
    • Videos on our remote instructional practices

Selection Changes

  • We are aware that things are constantly changing. If you have any questions about changing your decision about returning to school, please reach out to your grade level administrator. Their information can be found on our website using the following link:

Your child’s safety and education is our top priority. As we spend the next two weeks solidifying the reopening of our campus, we will communicate with our Pups families as often as possible.


Thanks and take care,

Lanier Administration

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