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STAAR Parent Communication

Bob Lanier Middle School 

STAAR Assessment Dates 

2020 – 2021 School Year 

Testing information:

  • All Lanier Students will take the online version of this year’s STAAR exams 
  • Tests may only be taken at Lanier on the dates listed below
  • Non-testing grade levels will have a regular school day and will attend all classes
  • If a student has opted-out of the STAAR exam they will need to attend their regular classes virtually

Day of the Test: 

  • Please eat a balanced breakfast 
  • Students that have a school-issued Chromebook/laptop should bring with them to campus with the charger 
  • Students should bring a book to read in case they do not use the full 4 hours
  • Students should bring a sack lunch or one will be provided by the school 
  • Students should bring sweatshirt/sweater/jacket in case the testing environment is cold
  • Plan to arrive at school by 8:15am to prepare for testing - students should be dropped off on Woodhead St.
  • Students will receive a temperature check and then be directed to either the cafeteria or library to test
  • On testing days, all tests will be completed by 1:30pm 
  • Students will eat lunch at 1:30pm
  • Virtual students may be picked up from the front of the school at 1:30pm
  • If virtual students cannot be picked up, they can continue to follow their schedule in person and be picked up at dismissal at 4:00pm.
Test  Date
7th Grade Writing April 13th, 2021
8th Grade Algebra EOC May 5th, 2021
8th Grade Reading May 11th, 2021
7th Grade Reading May 12th, 2021
6th Grade Reading  May 13th, 2021
8th Grade Math  May 17th, 2021
7th Grade Math  May 18th, 2021
6th Grade Math  May 19th, 2021
8th Grade Science May 24th, 2021
8th Grade US History  May 25th, 2021

The first exam will be 7th Grade Writing STAAR next Tuesday.  We know Ms. Askew, Ms. Campbell and Mr. Geston have prepared you well, be ready to try your best and show what you know!  If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Colburn -, or Mr. Cordova -