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Kickstart Sponsorship Drive


I am very excited to announce that our annual Sponsorship Drive has begun! 

This event is a great opportunity for our students to help give back and WIN AWESOME PRIZES!!!   

From now until Sunday April 11 at midnight, limited-edition items will be available for purchase through Fan Cloth.

 You can send the link below to everyone you know and post it to social media as much as you like! It has a full catalog of many Kickstart Kids shirts, hoodies, pants, tumblers, masks and more. 

Every school with a Kickstart Kids program will be competing to earn the title of school of the year.  

This means that by selling these items, you are helping maintain your Kickstart Kids program, providing for others who might not otherwise be able to join, and working to help your school win school of the year! All for helping sell items many people already want!



1.The link below is unique to this school. So as you begin to share it online, you need to share this specific link. Do not repost links from others on social media. The only way your school can get credit for the sales is by using this link.