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8/21/22 Principal Corner Post from Mr. Williams


Lanier Traffic Map.pdf 

Accessing School Schedule
As Mr. Williams mentioned in his August 4 email, students will access their school schedule using PowerSchool, which is a helpful tool throughout the year for both students and parents to track grades and tardies/absences. Over the summer, HISD changed student passwords for increased security.  You can get more information about the password change here.  Additionally, we have created this video showing students how to change their password and access PowerSchool.

Bell Schedule
Below, please find the daily bell schedule. At Lanier, we follow a block schedule, which means on Purple Days, aka P-Days, students will go to the classes labeled as P1, P2, P3, and P4. On Red Days, aka R-Days, students will go to their R1, R2, R3, and R4 classes. Students go to PUPS (listed as Advocacy in PowerSchool) and Enrichment (listed as Study Lab in PowerSchool) every day.

Monday, August 22 will be a P-Day, and students will follow their usual P-Day schedule. If this seems overwhelming or confusing, don’t worry!  At the least, your student needs to know where to go for the class labeled as “Advocacy,” which is what we call PUPS. They will go to this class at 8:30 every day, whether it’s a P-day or R-day. On the first day of school, all students will receive an updated copy of their schedule in PUPS.

School Map
On Monday, your student will be given a planner with helpful information including a school map. 

Your child’s lunch time is determined by their P2/R2 class.  With some exceptions, generally classes on the first floor have A-lunch, second floor has B-lunch, and third floor has C-lunch.  This information will be clearly communicated to your child on Monday, and we will be sure everyone knows where to go when in order to eat lunch!  The school provides lunch free of charge, or students can bring their own lunch.  They have the opportunity to sit with whomever they choose in the cafeteria or on two separate patios, weather permitting.

During school year we will only accept lunch drop off until 10am.  This is to ensure that we are prioritizing campus safety for both students and staff, maximize classroom instruction time and focus on the overall needs around the campus.  

      - Please respect our community neighbors and avoid blocking any driveways
      - Please do not park in any parking lots of local businesses or in the staff parking lots
      -As you drop off and pick up at campus, please move quickly  
      - Please refer to attached traffic map for further guidance

What do I need on Monday?
Students will not receive lockers the first day of school, please send students to school with only a notebook, something to write with and a lunch.  Lanier students have access to free breakfast and lunch provided from HISD food services.  

Schedule Changes
Our Assistant Principals will share information about how to request schedule changes next week.  Please wait until they have shared that information before contacting them (or me) with requests and concerns.


Grade Level 


Nicolette Alleyne 

6th grade A-L 

Michelle Cummings 

6th grade M-Z 

Jennifer Garza Pender 

7th grade A-L 

Mindy Zapata 

7th grade M-Z 

Cary Cooper 

8th grade A-L 

Stephen Cabell 

8th grade M-Z 

We look forward to seeing students on Monday!