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Almeda's History


Almeda's History 

Did you know that our school was once a one room building and was located just a few blocks away from its current location on Broadhurst?  Well Sis Andrews has written a book chronicling the history of our school and its community.  Beginning with the Almeda School District in 1893, students were initially taught in a barn and used hay stacks for desks.  Later in 1894, a one room white building was constructed.  Students would ride horses to school.  Sis Andrews is a talented writer and visits our school often.  She will be a speaker at the school's dedication on Thursday, February 16th. Don't miss an opportunity to meet a published author.  Speak with her, if you get a chance.

Back Yonder in Almeda, Texas

By Sis Andrews

Back Yonder

Meet an Author
Sis Andrews
Rose Andrews

Almeda School

in 1894
Old Almeda