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October 2021: Leory Phillips SHINES at Shadydale ES

October 2021


Mr. LeRoy Phillips, is the Wraparound Resource Specialist for Shadydale Elementary School in the North Forest Feeder Pattern. His prior work experience ranges from working for Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC), The Harris Center, and Children’s Protective Services. Mr. Phillips has over 20 years of experience connecting families to resources within the community.  Mr. Phillips holds a Master’s degree in Counseling and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Prairie View A&M University.
What inspired Mr. Phillips to join Wraparound? A previous Psychology teacher who always instilled in him to always do your best in everything that you do and don’t forget to help others along the way. These words stuck with him throughout college and still influences him today. 
In his second year as a Wraparound Resource Specialist, Mr. Phillips loves and truly enjoys the work he produces. 
His "WHY" is Powerful. Being able to connect with students, staff and service providers, participating in community service activities, distribution events and meeting new people by helping make an impact and meeting the needs of the campus is what drives him to be the best at what he does. 
 A recent Wraparound Impact that Mr. Phillips recently contributed to his campus was being able to assist a high-needs family, that recently moved to Texas from Honduras, receive food, clothing, and other much-needed resources. Mr. Phillips had the privilege of assisting this family with all things Wraparound and in return received a heartfelt, thank you and a thumbs up.