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November 2021: Veronica Aldana is a WRAPSTAR at Walnut Bend ES.

Introducing Ms. Veronica Aldana, Walnut Bend ES WRS on the Westside of Houston. Veronica has been with the Wraparound Department for 1 year this October 2021. Veronica’s Why is simple, to “plant seeds into the students and families she impacts, even if she is not around to see them grow. Let’s dive deep into why Veronica is Exemplary and why she should be the WRS of the Mont!

Veronica’s collaborative leadership & coordinating infrastructure skills have easily managed to get Principal/Campus Buy-In. Veronica meets with her principal/admin team weekly for her ongoing SATC, sends out weekly emails/Teams’ messages on Mondays updating staff on Wraparound news and her SAF campaign, she sends weekly Class DOJO messages to parents and invites the high excessive absent student parents to her monthly parent engagement meetings where service providers are on site to present impactful information. Veronica collaborates weekly with her registrar and CIS on ongoing and upcoming campus initiatives, student/parent engagement opportunities and high absent students. Because Veronica has a strong, ongoing SAF Campaign and daily interaction with staff and admin, she meets her weekly SAF & Intervention goals EVERY WEEK!

For the month of October, Veronica leads her Feeder with the most SAF’s received of 136, averaging 35 SAFs a week and receiving 1403 INTENTIONAL Interventions (check-ins, observations, resources, service links and services received).

Veronica’s great time management skills and ability to focus on the top needs of the campus, has allowed her to develop many meaningful partnerships and address the barriers to learning at Walnut Bend ES with her well established resource room. Some of the Internal and External service providers and recurring partnerships created are CIS, Brighter Bites, Lunch Bunch, See to Succeed, HISD FACE, HISD Multilingual, HISD CORE just to name a few.

Veronica’s willingness to go above and beyond for her campus and the needs of her campus, has led her to host the next WAC, as well as Co-Lead the feeder’s Westside Winter Wonderland Community Event scheduled for Dec 2021. Veronica exemplifies Wraparound and these are a few reasons why she is the WRS of the month.