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Lisa Jackson: May 2011 Employee of the Month

Lisa Jackson

Lisa Jackson, Employee of the Month for May, is an outreach worker in the Safe and Drug Free Schools Department who assists homeless students. Jackson first came to the district in October of 1998 as a reading tutor at Grissom and Thompson Elementary Schools. She transferred to Sandspoint Elementary School in 2006 to become a computer technology teacher, and accepted her current position in March of 2009.

As an outreach worker, Jackson is charged with making sure the needs of the district’s homeless students are met, whether by locating housing, food, and uniforms for her clients or by working directly with campus personnel to facilitate the enrollment process. Jackson regularly visits local homeless shelters, where she shares information with both residents and employees about the various services available to homeless students in HISD. She also assists the district’s homeless liaison by working on budget-related items, compiling data for state audits, and supporting other outreach workers in the department.

A native Houstonian, Jackson is a product of Turner and MacGregor elementary schools, and Sharpstown middle and high schools. She holds a bachelor’s degree in social science from the University of Houston and a master’s degree in administration of justice and security from the University of Phoenix. Jackson lives in Sheldon with her husband Donovan and their three children. When not working, she enjoys reading and spending time with her family.

“Lisa is an energetic, professional go-getter who puts her commitment to serving homeless students before her own personal needs,” explains Safe Schools Department Manager Peter Messiah. “I can recall many a night walking out of this building with her at 11 o’clock, only to see her show up again at 6:30 the next morning to get things done. She is just amazing. She has a very easy-going and pleasant personality. She’s one of my all-time favorite employees.”

“I worked with Lisa for about two years,” adds Elementary Counseling and Guidance Manager Constance Thompson, “and she is very responsive, energetic, and passionate. She is a ‘can-do’ and a ‘will-do’ person, who takes the time to really listen to families that are dealing with homelessness. She is a sensitive, compassionate team player, and no task is too difficult for her.”

“Each day when Lisa arrives at work, she brings a beautiful smile and a pleasant attitude with her,” says Guidance and Counseling Secretary Brenda Adams. “And although she has two degrees, she never thinks more highly of herself than others. Lisa sees the needs of the people and feels their pain. Her effectiveness and productivity make things happen.”