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R.O.S.E.S. (Resilient Outstanding Sisters Exemplifying Success)

Houston ISD recognizes that, to equitably educate the whole-child, special attention must be given to underserved female students. Using a cohort model, the Resilient Outstanding Sisters Exemplifying Success (ROSES) Project is designed to mentor underserved female students at participating schools to build-out their post-secondary educational and career goals through academic, social-emotional, and workforce interventions. 

R.O.S.E.S. is committed to connecting female students from historically underserved demographics with community resources and mentorship opportunities to empower them with the knowledge, confidence, and necessary skills to enter the college and/or career of their choice upon graduation from Houston ISD.


A.T.M. Ascending to Men


Become a Mentor: A mentor with the Ascending to Men Project (ATMP) acts as a positive role model and advocate for students who need guidance and opportunities for educational, social, and professional growth.


Become a Partner: The ATM Project has a variety of opportunities for engaging community partners. Community partnerships support come in the form of grants, volunteerism, and in-kind resources.


Sponsor a Student: Help ATMP students succeed.