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LPAC Membership

Each HISD campus must establish and operate an LPAC committee composed of at least the following members:

  1. Campus administrator (principal, assistant principal, or dean of instruction),
  2. An appropriately certified teacher assigned to the Bilingual program.
  3. An appropriately certified teacher assigned to an English as a Second Language program, and
  4. A parent (not employed by the district) of a ELL student.

If one or more of the above classifications does not exist on a campus, then another professional staff member may serve as a member of the LPAC. At the secondary level, a counselor or another ESL teacher may replace the certified Bilingual teacher.

All members of the LPAC, including the parent, shall be acting for the school district and shall observe all laws and rules governing confidentiality of information concerning individual students.

A professional member of the LPAC must serve on the Admission, Review and Dismissal ARD) Committee for Special Education Services when the LPAC recommends that a student should receive special education services. It is recommended that a Bilingual or ESL teacher serve on the ARD in addition to the designated administrator. The ARD forms must clearly indicate (with signature and title) participation of the LPAC member(s). The LPAC representative must report findings of the ARD to the LPAC and document in ELL student folder.