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LPAC Meetings and Responsibilities

The committee is required to identify, review and place ELL students in a Bilingual or ESL program within 4 weeks of their enrollment date. During the first few months of school, LPACs should schedule review meetings weekly or bi-weekly at pre-designated times that are convenient to all LPAC members. 

Throughout the year, an LPAC must meet as often as necessary (at least three times during the school year as required by state law) and as a group to ensure timely identification and placement of ELL students who enroll during the year. 

The committee is responsible for the following:

  • reviewing all pertinent information on all students in grades PK-12 who have a language other than English
  • identifying students as LEP based on specific criteria
  • determining the level of English language proficiency 
  • recommending program placement ensure that all ELL students are assigned to a bilingual or ESL program
  • participating in the ARD/IEP meetings as an active advocate for ELL students who also require special education services
  • obtaining written parent approval/denial for the obtain recommended program
  • monitoring the progress of students who have exited formally from bilingual or ESL programs for two years (each grading cycle) 
  • reviewing pertinent student data to determine eligibility for district-wide testing
  • maintaining a copy of Parent denials in LPAC file
  • reviewing extenuating circumstances that may be prohibiting the student from meeting district or state promotion
  • reviewing pertinent information concerning each appropriate placement for the next school year
  • maintaining all LPAC meeting records/minutes and lists of students reviewed in an LPAC file/binder
  • documenting student progress and scores in the student’s permanent folder and in the electronic Student Information System