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About the program

Who qualifies for the program?
Any migratory child who resides in the HISD boundaries.

Who is considered a migratory child?
Any child:
  • Who is a migratory agricultural worker or a migratory fisher; or
  • Who, in the preceding 36 months, in order to accompany or join a parent, spouse or guardian who is a migratory agricultural worker or a migratory fisher–
  • Has moved from one school district to another;
  • In a State that is comprised of a single school district, has moved from one administrative area to another within such district; or
  • As the child of a migratory fisher, resides in a school district of more than 15,000 square miles, and migrates a distance of 20 miles or more to a temporary residence.
For purposes of the Migrant Education Program, move or moved is defined as a change from one residence to another residence across school district lines that occurs due to economic necessity.

Intended Program Beneficiaries: Migrant children younger than 22 years old who have not graduated from high school or do not hold a General Educational Development (GED) (this means that the child is entitled to a free public education or is of an age below compulsory school attendance).