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EB Instruction

The Secondary ESL Division provides direct teacher support through an observational coaching model for ESL and ESL Content teachers at thirty-six secondary schools.

The Secondary ESL Division offers secondary school campuses instructional training highlighting English language and literacy development through weekly PLC meetings or afterschool professional development upon request. 
The primary goal is to assist schools in providing high quality, research-based programming to all secondary ELL students. We offer professional development opportunities in the area of programming and instruction. The trainings are designed to help teachers understand how to provide the instruction to make sure ELL students grow in their English development, are successful in content courses, and are able to graduate in a timely manner. Specific professional development is provided on instruction strategies, building academic vocabulary, and writing strategies. These trainings are aligned with the criteria students must meet in order to exit an ESL Program.
ESL Adoption

Amplify Grades 6-8

Carnegie Grades 6-8

Lexia Grades 7-8 (ELLA)

Carnegie Grades 9-12 (Math)

iLitELL (Newcomers)

HMH English 3D (Intermediate & above)

For more information about our state adoptions, please visit the Curriculum Department.