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Frog Street pre-K family online library

The district curriculum for prekindergarten is aligned to the prekindergarten guidelines set forth by the state of Texas. Prekindergarten students receive instruction in all of the areas of language and literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, social emotional development, gross and fine motor skills, health, visual arts, music, and physical education.

Prekindergarten teachers are provided a district adopted textbook and instructional materials that align to the prekindergarten guidelines issued by the state of Texas. The district prekindergarten adoption is The Frog Street Press.

To access the theme libraries as well as the math and science libraries in English and Spanish, parents can go to

Email: parent
Password: parent


The Frog Street Press Program:

  • Provides comprehensive, integrated instruction in all domains.
  • Balances intentional instruction with child-centered learning.
  • Provides equity-English and Spanish-of materials and instruction.
  • Offers a strong daily routine that develops key social skills and emotional control.
  • Honors the power of a strong teacher-child interaction to develop rich oral language and a robust vocabulary.
  • Provides a systematic and sequential continuum for building skills and concepts.
  • Uses research-based principles of learning as the cornerstone of instruction.