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Dear Parents/Guardians:  


We’re excited to announce that students can now get free, individual online tutoring and college counseling support whenever they need it through our partnership with UPchieve


UPchieve is a 24/7 online app that connects students with a certified Academic Coach in a virtual classroom. Right now UPchieve offers support in: 


  • Math (Pre-Algebra through AP Calculus BC)

  • Science (Biology, Chemistry, and Physics) 

  • English (Reading & Essays)

  • Social Studies (US History)

  • Standardized Testing (SAT Math & SAT Reading)

  • College Counseling


Learn more here (Spanish Version).


Watch a short demo


Please encourage your students to use UPchieve whenever they struggle with an assignment, study for an exam, or have questions about applying to college. Please see below for sign-up instructions.


How to Connect Your Student with an Academic Coach 


  1. Have your student create an UPchieve account at or on the UPchieve mobile app for iOS or Android.

  2. Your student can select the subject they need help with from the drop-down menus on the dashboard 

  3. Your student will begin their session by clicking “Start a chat”. Students communicate with their Academic Coach using a built-in messaging feature. There is no audio or video component on UPchieve. 

  4. Remind your students to wait 5-10 minutes for an Academic Coach to join the session. UPchieve provides live, HUMAN support, and it can take them a few minutes to pair with your students.