Senior Roadshow

What is a Senior Roadshow?

This is when Seniors take photos for the yearbook.




To book an appointment, go to

Or scan this code

See Mrs Verdin in the Library for more information.


Read the Senior Booking Guide to see instructions on how to book an appointment. Instructions also available in Spanish. 

NEXT ROADSHOW: January 5, 2024


Note: If students do not take photos at the Roadshows scheduled on campus, they can schedule appointments at the CADY Studios. 

For photos to make it to the yearbook, all Senior Photos must be taken by February 2, 2024 (on campus or at CADY Studios)



Q: Do I need to bring my own cap & gown?

A: No. Cady will provide that for you. 

Ladies - wear a black tank top for the off shoulder shawl they will give you for the photo session.


Q: How much are the packages?

A: There are different packages to choose from. When you book your appointment, you will see the different options.


Q: What is the Yearbook Only Option?

A: This is the package that includes the photo for your yearbook. This package costs $10. 


Q:  Why do I not see the Jan 5th Session on

A: This means there are no sessions available that day. Please book your appointment at the Cady Studios.

Q: What happens if I don't book an appointment?

A: You won't be in the yearbook! Please book an appointment. This is your class and your yearbook. It won't be complete without you.


Q: Are you going to have another  Senior Roadshow day on campus?

A: We will make an announcement if we get another date on campus. 

Roadshows are on

Saturday, October 7, 2023

Friday, January 5, 2024

If another day is added, we will make an announcement. Please check the Milby website and Social Media accounts on Facebook, X (Twitter) or Instagram.

Please make sure you book an appointment at the Cady studios if you were not able to book an appointment on campus.


Q: What if I have questions or want to make changes to my order? What if I have payment questions? What if I need to reschedule?

A: If you paid online, please log in to your account or contact Cady directly.



Q: I received a photo package sent to home address. What do I do with this?

A: If Cady sent you a photo package, look inside for instructions on how to return (if you do not want it) or how to make a payment (if you do want to keep the package). 

If you do not return the package, you will be charged for it. Contact Cady directly for questions about photo packages sent to your home.


Q: What if I was not able to make it to my scheduled appointment?

A: Contact Cady to reschedule.