Senior Parking Lottery

Senior Parking Lot Lottery
The Senior Parking Lot Lottery will accept student entries is open - August 30th at 4:00pm.  Sign up for a chance for a parking spot here
Keep in mind prior to the lottery, 2018-2019 Attendance and Discipline WILL BE CHECKED. Those students with excessive absences will be eliminated from contention. Students with serious infractions (your AP will give their input) will also be eliminated. If you are NOT classified as a 12th grader, you will not be eligible.
During the week of September 1st, students will be notified with lottery results by email. (Please enter your email address carefully.)  The spots are non-transferrable. You MAY NOT give or sell your spot to anyone. If you decline your spot, it will be given to someone on the waiting list. 


Payment and contract instructions will be sent to students in their confirmation email once we hold the lottery. Any questions please see Ms. Frank in the main office.