Problem with Your Schedule?

The Bellaire Counselors look forward to working with you throughout your time at Bellaire.  Last spring and summer, the Bellaire Counselors gave opportunities for you to choose your classes. We worked very hard to input the choices you made but you if you need to make a change to your schedule please keep reading... 

Regarding your schedule, please read these items carefully. This is important information to know: 

  • If you selected athletics such as football or volleyball, Belles, you may have PE on your schedule for now. Counselors must receive approval from the coach or teacher before placing you in that type of class. If you want to be in athletics and haven’t contacted the coach, please do so. A list of coaches is located in the Counselor’s Suite, Room 119. 
  • You cannot choose the teachers you would like to have. Please do not submit a schedule change form for teacher changes because it cannot be honored. 
  • Sorry but you cannot switch around the periods in which you have classes. With the large number of students we have at Bellaire, we cannot accommodate that kind of request. 

Here are some good reasons to request a schedule change ☺: 

  1. Credit was received for summer school work and the class you completed was placed on your schedule. (The most common example of this is Health class!)
  2.  A class period is missing or repeated! (Oops!)
  3.  A required English, Math, Science, or Social Studies class is missing! (Oops, again!)
  4.  You changed your mind about the elective you chose. (FYI- Electives have limited seating so many are at capacity at this time. We will consider your request, but there is no guarantee a change can be made.)
  5.  There is an error on your schedule. For example, you were placed in Geometry but you didn’t take Algebra 1 in 8th grade. Or, there’s a class on your schedule that you didn’t choose.
  6.  The level of class you chose is incorrect. For example, you wanted to be in Pre-AP but were placed in Academic.