NHS Tutoring

The Bellaire Chapter of the National Honor Society announces, “Tutes for Studes,” an on-line tutorial service available for ALL Bellaire students (9th to 12th grade) needing assistance in math, English, social studies, foreign languages, and the sciences. Our tutors are NHS members who have already taken the course, whether it’s an IB/AP course or is a course in another curriculum and did well in it. Here is how you access the service:

1. Go to www.tutes4studes.com.

2. Click on “Students” at the top of the home page.

3. Fill in the tutoring request form. You must give NHS 24-hour notice so that we can arrange for a tutoring session.

4. You will be paired with an NHS tutor, who will notify you of the time and date for the tutoring session. A full session lasts 30 minutes and takes place during Cardinal Hour. No tutoring is done before or after school or on weekends.

5. All tutoring sessions will be recorded.