Name of Course Book Needed
AP Biology Campbell Biology In Focus
AP Calculus BC Calculus - Early Transcendental Functions
AP European History Western Heritage - Since 1300
AP Spanish Literature and Culture Azulejo
AP US History American Pageant
Arabic 1 Alif Baa
Arabic 2 Al-kitaab Part 1
Arabic 3 Al-Kitaab Pt. 2, third edition
Arabic 4 A-Kitaab Part 2, second edition
Arabic 5 Al-Kitaab Part 3
Chinese 1 Integrated Chinese, Level 1 - Part 1
Chinese 2 Regular and P-IB Easy Steps to Chinese 2
Chinese 3 Regular Easy Steps to Chinese 3
IB Biology HL & IB Biology SL IB Biology, 2014 edition
IB Economics IB Economics, second edition
IB Environmental Systems IB Environmental Systems and Societies, 2015 edition
IB Math Analysis and Approaches HL IB Mathematics Analysis and Approaches Higher Level
IB Math Analysis and Approaches SL IB Mathematics Analysis and Approaches Standard Level
IB Physics SL IB Physics, 2014 edition
IB Theory of Knowledge IB Theory of Knowledge
Italian 1 Percorsi volume 1
Italian 2 Percorsi volume 2
Italian 3 Rete 2
Italian 4 and Italian AP Rete 3
Latin 1 Cambridge Latin Course Units 1 and 2
Latin 2 Cambridge Latin Course Unit 3
Latin 3 Cambridge Latin Course Unit 4
Latin 4, AP Latin, SL/HL IB Latin Virgil's Aeneid