COVID 19 Reporting

COVID 19 Reporting
Please allow us to share some updates related to COVID reporting that we are utilizing at this time. This year, the process has been updated, and the most current information can be found outlined in the Houston ISD’s “Ready, Set, Go!” plan linked here. Once notified, our nurse investigates and begins the contact tracing process on our campus, and documents all exposed, presumed and confirmed COVID 19 cases. Out of an abundance of caution, we will inform parents each day that we have reports of a COVID 19 case. Since we cannot account for every second that a student spends coming to school, attending and visiting classrooms on campus, and after school, we believe it is important that we are all reminded to maintain safety practices, monitor personal health symptoms, and exercise good judgment. If we determine that your son/daughter came into direct contact with someone on campus that was presumed positive or confirmed positive, then our nurse will make contact directly with you. If you would like information regarding active COVID cases, you may access that information on the HISD COVID Dashboard site here.  
Additionally, our quarantining protocols have been updated to distinguish between vaccinated and unvaccinated persons. If your student is vaccinated, we encourage you to upload a copy of their vaccination record via our COVID Vaccination Form. We also encourage that if your student is tested, that the test results are uploaded using our COVID Test Results Form. Please refrain from bringing the results to campus, as visitors to our campus remain limited at this time.  Please notify our school nurse via email at Below is the protocol regarding quarantine:
Unvaccinated Individuals :
Exposed to a Confirmed Positive or Presumed COVID-19 Case (Close Contact): Quarantine for 10 days after the last exposure date to the Confirmed COVID-19 Positive or Presumed COVID-19 Case. Return to campus on day 11.
Vaccinated Individuals :
Fully vaccinated individuals are those who have received one dose of Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine or the second dose of Pfizer/Moderna COVID-19 vaccine at least 14 days before exposure to a presumed or confirmed COVID-19 case. Fully vaccinated individuals exposed to a presumed or confirmed positive case, do not need to quarantine if not having any symptoms. Fully vaccinated individuals should test 3 – 5 days after exposure, even if not having any symptoms, and wear a mask/face covering when indoors in public for either 14 days from exposure or until a negative COVID-19 test result is obtained (within 3 – 5 days from exposure). Proof of COVID-19 immunization needs to be provided to determine immunity.
If your student is required to quarantine, they are eligible for Temporary Online Learning (TOL) for a maximum of 10 days (limited to two quarantines for the year). The website to sign up for TOL is linked here: HISD @ HOME. While this platform is not taught by Bellaire faculty, our teachers will work with your son/daughter to catch up on missed assignments upon their return.